We are pleased to announce that VERY* has merged with the workshop SCART to create the first edition of

VERY*SCART: The Art of Service Composition and Formal Verification for Self-* Systems

The joint workshop will include two invited speakers and the regular program of both events. The date and venue of the workshop do not change (8th September 2015, co-located with SEFM).

The Organizing Committee

Aim and Scope

Formal methods have been successfully used in the last decades for modeling and verification of various types of hardware and software systems. While most languages and techniques emerged in a context of monolithic systems with a limited self-adaptability, modern systems require approaches able to cope with dynamically changing requirements and emergent behaviors. The emphasis on system reconfigurability has not been followed by an adequate research effort, and the current state of the art lacks paradigms that can describe and analyze complex modern systems in a comprehensive way.

Very* aims at filling this gap by bringing together researchers and practitioners with the goal of pushing forward the state of the art on formal and semi-formal verification methods, with particular attention on the specification and verification of systems in the following (and further) categories:

  • Self-adaptive systems;
  • Self-reconfiguring systems;
  • Self-organizing systems;
  • Cyber-physical systems;
  • Hybrid systems;
  • Elastic systems;
  • Multi-agent systems

This workshop aims at counteract the specialization of traditional venues by bringing together researchers and practitioners from different areas, to fill the gap between the requirement of modern applications and current design practices. Therefore, both methodological/theoretical and industrial/applicative papers are welcome.